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New site is at
Old site is at

This was originally one of my sites, back in 2006 or 2007, but when I closed it down someone hijacked the url and started using it to sell cheap pharmaceuticals. As the hijacked site was obviously contravening Wikidot's Terms of Service it was, eventually, deleted. The site is no longer used and hasn't been for several years.

I would like to use this url again as "Cornovia" is the lead name of several of my projects. For instance, I publish books under the imprint "The Cornovia Press", and the website for that uses the url I would, in the next few months, like to start a new business providing services to those undertaking family history or researching local history and who need ancient manuscripts transcribing or translating. The company would probably be called Cornovia Research Services, or something similar, and it may be that would be a suitable url for this, although I would probably use something like Likewise, I am also considering creating a company providing new websites for businesses, organisations, musicians and individuals and possibly also branching out into various forms of graphic design. I would imagine that the vast majority of any websites that I might create would be wikidot sites. or similar could be used for this. I could, of course, if allowed to regain the cornovia url, use that address for any of my own projected websites, but the possibility remains that I could use the plain cornovia url for an umbrella website, acting as a gateway to the various other websites forming parts of my overall business. This would be the most likely scenario.

Please, please, can I have my cornovia url back? Thanks!

PS - It's my birthday tomorrow ;)

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