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I'd like to make a forum based solely around programming, specifically anything that can be used in a Wikidot site. The most useful for Wikidot users is javascript so I plan to start there, and add other languages only as required.

There are a lot of forum-based discussions online where help and code snippets are offered. This is different in that it's focused on using Javascript with Wikidot, not just some random website or blog.

Basically, it would be a bit like, but with a focus on Javascript-based solutions. A recent example is the Wikidot Chatroom developed entirely by James Kanjo and shaped through suggestions from the community.

The focus will be on:

  • Providing a place for Wikidot experts to discuss (and develop) Javascript-based solutions
  • Allowing people that want to learn Javascript to speak to other Wikidot users, that are also Javascript experts
  • Every completed solution, e.g. the chatroom, should be explained step-by-step how to build the app, in the form of a tutorial
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