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New site is at
Old site is at

I was the originator (under another wikidot account) of the merwyck site. I created it as private so there are no other people or their content to consider (I was just curious to see whether the name was available).

The same day I created that site, I decided I wanted to change my email address/account name before developing the merwyck wiki. I deleted my original wikidot account to make a new account with a different name, then intended to use the merwyck site name under that new account.

I didn't realize that the merwyck site would be unavailable to me under the new account, and I deleted the old account before I could do anything differently.

I'm not sure exactly what I want to do with the site but the name has great sentimental value to me so if you would allow me to reclaim it, I'll be very happy.

Thank you.

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