Reported on 12 Feb 2014 13:06 by quin2kquin2k
Current site is at

The Admin abandoned the site years ago. The last admin login/edit was June 19, 2011. The site then set dormant for ~3 months before another person besides the creator/admin added content.

My guess is the master admin sabata-darkness gave up on the site before it truly started to grow. I've tried multiple times to message this admin through wikidot and I've gone so far as to search the internet for similar user names, but none have been used in the last few years making it neigh impossible to track the individual down.

Since then there have been bursts of activity by me and a number of other editors/members but without the ability to rename/delete pages or update other site features many (including me) left in disgust. Despite this, the site has never gone fully dormant because it's the top hit for the word 'nimin' (even higher then the content it is focused on).

I don't want to replace the site but I'd like a pathway to adding an admin/moderator to the site. I'm willing to become a paid member if it would help illustrate my commitment to the matter.

Edit: I *am* willing to start from scratch if that is what it takes. The site has had a recent burst of activity as the content (a game called Nimin) had an update released last week. Before that release (1/31/14), it had about 4 updates in 4 months.

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