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Me and my friends have had an idea of creating a webpage about physics, on a highschool and academic level, on which people from all over the world could publish, exchange and discuss their ideas and insights. The only limitation would be on one hand that a topic is not a typical bookwork, and on the other hand - that it's not something crazy (e.g. disproving special relativity).

I already have a few people from Oxford University (where I study) keen on it. Also a few friends in Poland, e.g. from University of Warsaw, and some highschool students. I think if this spreads broadly enough, it might become a very nice and prosperous webpage.

I have already applied for it to become a community page - and it is on the "pending list", since they think it is a very interesting idea, but first they would like to see some progress on our side.

We have thought that this page should have an easy adress, and so a natural idea was "", however it is taken. But it looks like it is abandoned, therefore I thought of applying for recycling and reusing it for our project.

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