Reported on 17 Jan 2012 17:32 by Whane The WhipWhane The Whip
Released for use
New site is at http://whane-the-whip.wikidot.com.
Old site is at http://defunct-whane-the-whip.wikidot.com.

This is for http://whane-the-whip.wikidot.com/ (note the hyphens). This was my old original blog site. I decided to rename it without the hyphens and ended up deleting this one. It never occurred to me that someone would then snag it since it is a branded personal name. I'd like to get it back since it shows up in search results on Google when people search for me by name. The site was setup on 9 Feb 2011 (360 days ago) and no content has been placed on it and it's the only site under administration by the user. The user literally created an account, made the site, then never came back as indicated by his/her profile and last day of activity.

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