Site names requested

You can request that an abandoned site be recycled for your project (enter site name without part):

  • arcran - by Arcran (I had previously had this wikidot name, but lost it to a bot while editing/transferring information. The site has now been deleted because it was owned by a bot, and I would like to reclaim it if...) (
  • luffypoker - by luffypoker () (
  • creepypasta - by Beastbrain (Abandoned site, I would like to make a resource related to the short horror fiction subgenre known as Creepypasta . I am the owner of and and would...) (
  • greenfield - by KomradeDoge (This page was abandoned by some Halal vitamin gummy company, the wiki is blank and they have their own website to put product info on. We'd like this wiki to document a Minecraft's biggest city...) (
  • seoexpertinnepal - by SEO Expert in Nepal (Mr. Prakash Humagain, who is the founder of SEO Company Nepal and Ennovative Web as also knows as #1 SEO Expert in Nepal and Australia. Here are some tips and knowledge about why you should hire a...) (
  • backrooms - by ShroomDispencer (I want to use this to make a Backrooms Wiki (the backrooms is a creepypasta) Abandoned unexploited site Not edited in 10 months The site is literally just the monobook theme with nothing on it.) (
  • tex - by Anthony Lahmann (Put here a short description of the project you intend to make, or Abandoned unexploited site Not edited in 96 months) (
  • scope - by Ellie3 (I intend to create a collaborative writing wiki. Blank, empty site. Not edited at all.) (
  • scp - by HC28 (this is a shit-post fuck you Why did I do this? -Dr. Oam) (
  • site-name - by qalldredge (This site shows no activity from the admins in almost 24 months. According to Wikidot policy a site is considered abandoning if there is no activity for 12 months. You are breaking your own policy on...) (
  • labview - by qalldredge (I would like to use this site as a place to publish articles about the LabVIEW programming language. This site currently appears to have been abandoned since 2008.) (
  • paranormal - by ddross (The goal of the wiki is to create a comprehensive database and community centered around paranormal information and experiences. The site appears to have been created then abandoned. Additionally, the...) (
  • crownofamber - by rtacorwin (No activity on the page since 2008 and the creator deleted their wikidot account, but not the site. We're interested in making use of it for the same game that it was created for, but rather then...) (
  • gameportal - by Whane The Whip ( It looks undeveloped and abandoned. The user adannedhel created the site on 26 Sep 2009, the same day s/he created his account. There has been no site activity or user...) (
  • scp-de - by Dr_Grom (The original site had been moved to by its admin Dr Storm so we, can claim it, and while we where discussing...) (
  • mcd-curios - by Yorick1 (Thes site have been abandoned for a long time and I want to manage it to make it part of the update projects that I am doing with similar pages.) (
  • nioh - by yoyomelon (Hello, I'm interest in building upon this one site, but since I don't the owner rights to it, I can't add a base template of any kind for the purposes of said site, all I could...) (
  • capoeira - by escritor (The existing site at seems to never have been edited at all, in years. I would like to create a community wiki for the art of capoeira.) (
  • knowledge - by michelc (I would like to get an open to the public wiki for sharing knowledge and gowth a community of people who can help eachother The current seems not maintained for some time !...) (

Site names released

  • dark-souls - by Stooge (Site was abandonded for 3 years. Łukasz Tarka already handled this effort! This entry is just for paperwork reasons! Please do not release it from my control!!) (
  • darksouls - by Stooge (Site was abandonded for 3 years. Łukasz Tarka already handled this effort! This entry is just for paperwork reasons! Please do not release it from my control!!) (
  • users - by leiger (Created 1520 days ago, and not edited since then. I'd like to use this site to create a listing of Wikidot users, and some information about them. It's hard to explain with words but the idea is that...) (
  • cod - by (user deleted) (I intend to make this site: into a more generic Call Of Duty wiki. Not edited in 908 days.) (
  • backup - by leiger (Abandoned unexploited site Not edited since creation.) (
  • catalyst - by kiermaxino727 (I intended to create a wiki site for our school organization but it seems the name is taken by an inactive user. It is never used since its creation, see Recent Changes. Not edited in 1240 days - more...) (
  • cpp - by leiger (Abandoned unexploited site Not edited since 2 Dec 2007 - 16:42:24 (about 30 months!!)) (
  • programming - by leiger (Abandoned unexploited site Not edited since it was created) (
  • acronym - by MrAcronym (I would like to reclaim this site. It does not appear to be used as there is no content. Regards, Mr. Acronym) (
  • classroom - by jjs (I'd like to create a cloneable template-site for teachers Including: student lists (using listpages -module) a journal/log for past lessons organizing classes (sitting orders, etc.) grades and other...) (
  • mobile - by tsangk (Mobile editor for Wikidot. No idea of last edit as wiki is private.) (
  • loans - by kawina (The site has been deleted. I'd like to use the name for a research project on loanwords (a loanword database on South American languages).) (
  • mystuff - by (user deleted) (The creator, MyStuff, looks like he lasted exactly one day and disappeared after creating his site nearly 4 years ago back on Dec 13, 2006.) (
  • code - by leiger (Created 1496 days ago and never edited since. I'd like to use this sub-domain for a site of mine.) (
  • tao - by jnesselr (This site has been abandoned. I want to use it as a private site to log data for a game. Mostly to keep my written notes down in a digital system that I can access and edit anywhere.) (
  • renascence - by Ashe (I can't tell if it's in use private, page options disabled for guests but in the event it isn't, I'd like the name.) (
  • innovation - by leiger (Another private site, so this one might be active but I can't tell the difference, and am requesting it here in case it can be released.) (
  • quota - by leiger (Private site - no idea if it's abandoned or not as I can't see the pages :)) (
  • merwyck - by Merwyck (I was the originator (under another wikidot account) of the merwyck site. I created it as private so there are no other people or their content to consider (I was just curious to see whether the name...) (
  • blogs - by bcammo (Wanted for a release site for ready-to-go blog templates with custom CSS themes (that look really good!). Created 831 days ago. Has never been edited.) (

Site names reported

You can report sites that have been taken and abandoned:

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Requests rejected

  • inuata - by Hans Christian Holm (Explore database and deployment)
  • fifacoinsstore - by UTfifa15coins (Put here a short description of the project you intend to make, or Abandoned unexploited site Not edited in XX months)
  • nimin - by quin2k (The Admin abandoned the site years ago. The last admin login/edit was June 19, 2011. The site then set dormant for ~3 months before another person besides the creator/admin added content. My guess is...)
  • - by Hiteshrathod (Put here a short description of the project you intend to make, or Abandoned unexploited site Not edited in XX months)
  • APRSISCE - by Lynn (D) (I would like this site restored as I don't understand why it was deleted.)
  • wiki - by leiger (Not edited since 1672 days ago (more than 4.5 years ago!))
  • notebook - by leiger (This is a private site with a theme applied, so I suspect it is being used. I'd like to use this domain name for a community website I'm planning to create. Could you please check if this site is...)
  • Comprar-Viagra - by jnesselr (Technically spam. Found on wolfram alpha.)


We consider a site to be defunct if it has little or no valid content, and has not been worked on for a year or more. In such cases we do not notify the original owner or ask their permission. The Wikidot Terms of Service allow us to reclaim such sites. We renamed the original site to 'defunct-sitename' and free the name for use by a new project.

Reclaimed site names are for public community projects only and we require a brief explanation of the project you have in mind before we reclaim the name for you.

We (Wikidot Inc.) do this at our sole discretion.


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